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As of recently, VR technology became part of my practice.
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Welcome My name is Maryna and I have a degree in awesomeness + I am a Doctor of Medicine and Neuroscientist. This website is for the people who seek to achieve an edge in today's highly competitive world and to unlock their full potential.

      I am a certified neurofeedback therapist and have a success rate of ~98 percent.

I started my neurofeedback clinical career as a volunteer in a military hospital with severe PTSD cases, and as a clinician at EEG Institute in California, slowly progressing towards private practice. The majority of my initial experience has been derived from clinical cases.

       After many years of experience – I progressed towards managerial performance and peak performance in general, working with highly successful and motivated people such as YOURSELF! My Queen of Success attitude is entirely built on the success of my clients. I assure you it is NOT superficial. How I work? Scroll down


My work is highly technical and specialized towards achieving maximum efficiency for each client INDIVIDUALLY. In order to provide this, each and every client does what we call a “Brain MAP”. It is an EEG recording of the electrical activity produced by the neurons of the brain.

Later my team-wizards process this activity and produce an individualized report that contains absolutely mind blowing information about YOUR brain and its functioning (that will be interpreted to each client in-person).

       Which leads me to the Queen of success part – “neural-training” protocol development. That’s where YOUR magic of transformation begins.

Brain Image

Executive - protocols

Help to realign with what is important to you

Improve the intake of relevant information

Increase adaptability in the emotional and informational field

Increase quality of sustained attention

Heighten intuitive sense of people and potential changes

Emotional - protocols

Heighten emotional resilience and flexibility during stressful situations

De-fog your brain from emotional bottlenecks

Allow you to process past psychological traumas with more ease

Optimise your presence in the NOW

Improve quality of life, sleep and rest