How does Neuro-feed-back Work?

       The client is sitting in front of a TV screen and either watches a movie or is playing a video game. At the same time, using Silver-made ultrasensitive sensors, the client’s electrical brain activity is being read and interpreted with the help of Neurofeedback software. The software will then feed that activity back to the client via the same screen he or she is watching the movie on. While the client is concentrated on the screen, the colour will fade from the picture and the audio volume might decrease (etc.) if the training parameters are not met. This way, it is communicated to the client that their brainwave activity needs to change for the colour and audio to return.

Why does this provide any kind of positive effect?

        Apparently, once the brain is able to see its own activity in the MIRROR (Neuro-feed-back); it will then proceed to alter that activity by tuning into the training framework set by a Specialist. How you ask? The specialist sets a ceiling or a floor (frequency range) for the brain to function within. If the activity goes over or under, the TV screen with Netflix playing, becomes narrower and colorless (for example) until the brain starts functioning within the parameters set for it (colour returns and screen gets wider). By training on a repetitive basis, the Client will learn how to maintain the balanced parameters. Therefore, without any need for medication or other unnatural intrusions, most disorders become a thing of the past.